Sunday, 9 August 2015

~My Story~Life after Chemo/Radiotherapy etc

Written in May 2015 (and it is now August) :-

"I am very pleased to report that I have come to the 'end of treatment' in this initial part of my breast cancer journey. After 10 months of being poisoned slowly to within an inch of my life with chemo, cut open in two places, bits removed and stitched back up, tattooed, and burnt alive with radiotherapy I am still here. Still standing! Quite an achievement and is a testament to the remarkable resilience of the human body. And, after the ‘no hair at all look’ it is wonderful to see hair sprouting furiously in 50 shades of grey! Although another 5 years to go on hormone therapy medication before being 'signed off' by the NHS I feel I have leapt (or been gently nudged) over an abyss or two and arrived intact the other side!
                I have heard about people going through similar experiences who have an epiphany. They have discovered the meaning of life. They have discovered their true vocation. They have ditched the job/husband/partner and embarked on a new and exciting path. They have become 'artists' without ever picking up a brush before!

                For me however, I have 'lost' rather than found anything. Creativity has all gone. Not a shred left. No desire to draw or paint. Was it ever there?  I feel like an onion that has been peeled back layer by layer till there is very little left. Just the core remains.  Its not a bad feeling. In fact it feels good. Maybe an epiphany of sorts too? I will build from here.”

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